Ian, Stone and his three dogs
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Great thanks to you Ian for helping Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue help others to keep their dogs in the family! So many people call us wanting to re-home their animal, often because it has a behavioral issue. Ian has come to the rescue of many of these dog owners with a goal of helping them learn how to better manage their dog’s behaviors and make those dogs once again a welcome and integral part of the family again, saving them from being surrendered into the shelter system! Ian goes beyond the “party tricks” like “sit”, “stay” and “come.” He focuses on teaching the human owners how to read their dog’s behavior and helps them to understand that really, their dogs really want to please but are looking for direction and leadership! Who would have thought that the Southern Tier truly has its very own Dog Whisperer? The best part is that he does this all using only positive reinforcement and techniques. No prong collars! No choke collars! But corrections that a dog understands, without teaching or introducing counter-productive fear or mistrust into the dog/owner relationships! And no matter when we call—Ian has been there to help us and our clients! Thank you Ian for all of the help you have given our rescue clients! I don’t think there is a dog (or owner) out there you couldn’t fix! We couldn’t do it without you!
Susan Ford, PresidentRainbow of Hope Animal Rescue
Just a fabulous experience for us and our dog! Ian Stone is great and makes it fun for everyone! Can't wait for our next session.
Marlena H.Private training student
Phenomenal environment, in-depth training, awesome feedback and challenging curriculum.
Justin W.Puppy 1 and 2 grad
We were blown away by Murphy's "transformation" even after the first few classes. You gave us the tools that we needed as dog owners to build upon and we're excited to continue with the next level class. Murph might not be the most well behaved dog but we can definitely see a difference and we can't thank you enough, Ian!
Leslie D.Basic Class grad
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