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From time to time I offer one-session workshops and seminars that focus on specific elements of dog ownership. Oftentimes these are practical in nature, and sometimes they’re purely for fun. Class length, prices, and scheduling varies. These are open to everyone, regardless of whether you’ve trained here before or not.

  • Solving the Jumping Up Dilemma
  • Excessive Barking
  • Preparing for new Baby
  • Hiking with your dog
  • And lots more in the works!

Class space will be limited for these mini-courses and seminars, so make sure to join the mailing list to stay in the loop (and receive a FREE 33-page Buyer’s Guide, too)!

Jumping Up Seminar

This one-session workshop focuses on jumping. Teach your dog to stop jumping on guests, your nice clothes, and the neighbor kids. Laser-focused on solving this one problem. Great for holidays and special occasions. Dogs 19 weeks of age or older welcome, but not required. Open to all.

Length and Class Fee: $19 for one 60-minute seminar, plus PDF notes.

Expectant Mother Seminar

Pregnant mothers with dogs NEED this! Learn about smart ways to prepare your dog and your home for your new baby. We’ll go over the specific motivators and stressors for your dog, and ways to help them cope. You’ll learn when and how to introduce baby to your dog the right way. Safety is our number one concern, along with keeping a happy home.

Length and Class Fee: $25 for one 90-minute seminar, plus PDF notes.

Barking Seminar

This one-session lecture teaches you how to deal with excessive barking. Covers why dogs bark, the #1 way to curb barking while you’re gone, and how to put that annoying bark on cue, effectively giving it an on-off switch! Learn how to identify barking triggers, and various ways to address it constructively. Dogs are welcome, but not required. Open to all.

Length and Class Fee: $19 for one 60-minute seminar, plus PDF notes.


We love going outside with our dogs, and we’re betting you do too! We will learn a few basic skills, focusing on those most useful for going outdoors. We’ll practice them, and then take the show on the road. Our goal is maximum enjoyment of the outdoors with minimum stress.

Length and Class Fee: (coming soon)

Details about scheduling and cancellation policies can be found on the Policies Page.

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