We are all about helping owners and dogs improve their quality of life through knowledge, understanding, and compassion. We believe lifelong learning is important for both humans and dogs. Please make use of our ever-growing learning center.


Videos & Articles

Regular videos and articles covering a wide range of topics. How-tos, guidance, and help for many dog owner puzzles. Lots of content exclusive to the website here!


Our extensive glossary for training is designed to help pet dog owners learn more of the nuts and bolts of training. Don’t know what a certain jargon term means? Come here for the low-down on the technical stuff.

Enrichment Ideas

Enrichment for dogs helps increase their quality of life. Visit our ever-growing resource list of simple things you can do at home to help build strong and robust mental health.


Rules of Three

Threes seem to be important. Check out these slick triads and see how their wisdom can help guide you.

Master Keys

Over the years we’ve distilled things down to a few universal concepts that unlock the greatest number of dogs. This is a little advanced stuff, but if you’re game we’ve got the goods!


Maps for the progressions we use in training some common things with dogs. Again, this is some advanced stuff, but some of you spunky kids out there will dig it.


Downloadable handouts, eBooks, and guides for many a dog-owner’s quandaries.

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