Since we believe whole-heartedly in our mission, we’ve made a good deal of our class handouts available, in addition to other resources we’ve compiled from all over (with kind permission from the authors to distribute!). Take what you need of these free downloads and don’t forget to check our learning center for even more training tips, thoughts, and resources.

Puppy eBooks

Written by Dr. Ian Dunbar, world-renowned behavioralist, veterinarian, trainer, and co-founder of the APDT, these two eBooks are ESSENTIAL reading for puppy owners. I use them as textbooks in my Puppy Classes and I recommend them to anyone who is getting a puppy or has just gotten one.

Printable Handouts

Created to be given to my students in training, I’m offering these handouts to help with common problems you may have, along with some fun things.

Handling Routine: A guide to desensitizing your dog to being handled and touched (739kb, PDF)

Say Hello: A step-by-step guide to teach your dog Sit for Petting (1.7mb PDF)

Jazz Up + Settle Down: Over the top energy? Learn how to train an off-switch for it (994kb, PDF)

Touch Tactics: Strategic petting to maximize positive reinforcement. This is a core component in our system (1.1mb, PDF)

  Clicker Basics: New to a clicker? Learn the bare bones to get started (680kb, PDF)

Jumping Up: The same handout used in the Jumping Up mini-course (1mb, PDF)

Rollover+Bang: How to teach the tricks Rollover and Play Dead (684kb, PDF)

  Coprophagia: Poop eating. Get help for this gross dilemma! (668kb,PDF)

Woof + Shush! Help for barking (coming soon!)

Resource Guarding (coming soon!)

Touch Targeting (coming soon!)

Emergency Fight Protocol (coming soon!)

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