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Sometimes a group class isn’t in the cards for you. I get it. Whether you’re unsure about bringing your unruly dog amongst other dogs, or your schedule is too hectic to attend, I am happy to accommodate you and help you create a happy healthy home.

Additionally, studies show that people learn up to five times faster and more thoroughly through private training. Plus, you have the added benefits of detailed instruction, non-judgmental support, accountability and motivation.

In-Home Training

Done in the comfort of your own home, where (in most cases) most of your doggie struggles are occurring anyway.

At the Training Facility

Private classes conducted at the facility are mainly for folks that want one-on-one attention, but perhaps their situation isn’t conducive to an in-home visit. Maybe you have other dogs that will interrupt or cause complications. Maybe your spouse or roommate is a second shifter and sleeps during the day. In any event, I’ll make sure to accommodate you as best I can.

Please be advised that we are booking three to five weeks out, or more in some cases. We will make every effort to get to you quickly, but scheduling is limited.

Training In Home

Training at home is sometimes the best answer to assist with precise solutions to special problems. Whether you’re looking for serious help, or you just need to build some manners, Simpawtico Training has your back. Flexible scheduling and a supportive, family-centered approach will give you the peace you’re looking for.

Training Highlights

  • Precision problem solving.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Help with a reactive or anxious dogs.
  • Good for polishing up in-home specific concerns
  • The appropriate choice for Dog-to-Person aggression.

Need to Know

$80 per 1.5 hour session; package pricing is available.

Please note that in-Home locations outside Chemung County may be subject to an additional mileage fee. See the policies page for more info.

Prerequisite: depending on the issue(s) to be addressed, an intake questionnaire may be necessary. You can fill it out online here. This can also be emailed to you to, faxed, taken over the phone, or done in person. This is free.

Ian is amazing after day one of a private training the dogs were already responding quickly and I learned so much from him. We still have a ways to go but the dogs loved him. Not only will he teach you at home he will send you an overview of your session to work with your dog daily until the next visit. So glad I found him and this program. As soon as we have our basic obedience training done I will most definitely be taking my fur-babies to some of his group classes also. Thank you Ian!!!
Dannielle R.Private Training Student
Ian understands the mind of a dog. He is loving and compassionate to both the dog and the owner. Ian takes what could be a frustrating experience and turns it into a fun bonding experience. I will only have my dogs trained by him. Thank you Ian!
Annette A.Group and Private Class Student

Training at the Facility

Coming to the training facility located in downtown Elmira, NY is an economical answer for many situations.  Clean, well-lit, and staffed with friendly knowledgeable folks, this is a great place for you and me to get together and execute an effective plan for your dog! A wide range of needs can be served in our welcoming, family-friendly, environment. All sizes and breeds welcome!

Training Highlights

  • Great way to ease dogs into social situations.
  • Best for dogs who need a little TLC before attending group classes.
  • Option for barking, rowdy, and overly silly dogs.
  • Personal coaching, individualized attention.

Need to Know

$60 per 50 minute session; package pricing is available.

Prerequisite: depending on the issue(s) to be addressed, an informational intake questionnaire may be necessary. You can fill it out online here. This can also be emailed to you to, faxed, taken over the phone, or done in person. This is free.

Location: 110 N. Main St., Elmira, NY 14901. Just kitty-corner from First Arena.

Ian did such a great job teaching us the how and why of training. Recommending to all my friends!!
Melissa F.Private Training Student

Distance Consultations

Out of Simpawtico Dog Training’s service area? Schedule a 45-60 minute consultation via phone, Facetime, or Skype.

No matter where you live, you can now have direct access to a certified, experienced professional. We can advise you about issues such as new puppy assistance, shelter dog rehabilitations, minor behavior issues and/or any other dog related questions you may have.

While nothing can replace the value of an in-person session with a certified professional in your area, we understand this isn’t always possible. A phone or video conference consultation can be an invaluable starter tool, and get you pointed in the right direction.

Possible Topics:

  • Equipment
  • Responsible Socialization
  • Familiarization with Canine Learning
  • Jumping
  • Leash manners
  • Crating
  • And more!

NOTE: we strongly recommend that anxiety and aggression issues are best addressed in-person with a qualified professional in your area. We’re happy to provide advice and resources, but since every case is so unique and complex, a phone consult is really an inappropriate forum to adequately address it.

Need to Know:

$60 per 45-60 minute session.

  • The consultation is strictly limited to 45-60 minutes
  • Should you require a longer session, please advise us at the time of booking and you will be billed for any additional time at our hourly call rate of $60.00 USD
  • Consultations are via either telephone, Skype, or Facetime
  • If you’re outside the U.S., Skype or Facetime ONLY. No phone calls will be made internationally
  • We are unable to address more serious behavioral issues
  • We’re currently booking about two to three weeks out; please factor this into your choice of dates/times
  • Please understand that dog training is not without certain risks. By engaging in a training session you agree to assume all risks and agree to hold Simpawtico Dog Training, LLC harmless. Please read our policies for more detailed info

Please be advised that we are booking three to five weeks out, or more in some cases. We will make every effort to get to you quickly, but scheduling is limited.

Some things to consider:

An evaluation is always a good idea if you’re unsure what direction to take.

Depending on the issue(s) to be addressed, an intake questionnaire may be necessary. Fill it out online HERE. This can also be emailed to you to fill out, taken over the phone or done in person. This questionnaire is free.

Call or email to start the conversation. Together, we can figure out the best training options for you and your dog.

Details about scheduling and cancellation policies can be found on the Policies Page.

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